Isabel Green


Psychological assessment involves an examination of the individualís cognitive functioning, academic achievement, and objective and projective measures in order to determine the personís emotional health. An evaluation of attention might be included in the assessment if there is an indication of inattention, impulsivity, or hyperactivity. The assessment process culminates in the preparation of a written report that offers a diagnosis and prognosis and suggests recommendations for treatment.

I have extensive experience conducting psychological assessments. I view each evaluation as an opportunity to examine the abilities of the individual and to provide accurate and valid results. My experience in assessment includes diagnosis of developmental disabilities, psychological disorders, learning disabilities, and attention disorders.


I provide a general psychotherapy practice and I treat a variety of concerns, including relationship difficulties, developmental issues, anxiety, and depression. I recognize that people often come to psychotherapy with the hope of achieving personal growth. My commitment is to build a therapeutic relationship in order to help bring about meaningful emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal changes.


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